CBD And Weight Loss: Fact Or Fiction, According To Research?

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CBD and Weight Loss:  Fact or Fiction, According to Research

CBD And Weight Loss: Fact Or Fiction, According To Research?

What the world wouldn’t pay for a miracle diet supplement. From magical soups, to diet pills, to fads and trends that have us eating things like grapefruit 20 times a day. For those who struggle with weight, there’s always a hope that eventually the market will present something that makes it easy to shed those additional pounds.

Is CBD that magical solution? Some have presented it as such, suggesting CBD and weight loss are linked.

But does research back this up? Is it time to ditch the grapefruit in exchange for some CBD tincture every morning?

We’ll get to that, but first, we’re gonna hit you with some fat facts – some you’ve probably never heard before.

White Fat Vs. Brown Fat

There are 2 types of fat cells in the human body: white and brown.

The white fat is the most predominant. It stores and supplies your body with energy. It also insulates and cushions your organs. Those are important things – meaning white fat is necessary for proper bodily function. However, it’s also the type that causes the most problems. Things like heart disease and diabetes are related to too much white fat.

Brown fat is the more popular of the players. It generates heat by burning calories. And that’s a good thing. In fact, you can convert white fat into brown fat by exercising and getting enough sleep. People with a healthy weight typically have more brown fat than those who are overweight.

So, what does CBD have to do with all of that? Let’s see…

Research On CBD And Weight Loss

When we look specifically at research on CBD and weight loss with regard to brown fat, we’re not coming up empty handed!

In 2016, the journal Molecular and Cellular Biology published a study that examined the effect of CBD on brown fat cells. During the study, researchers found that CBD enhanced the expression of a core set of brown fat-specific marker genes, suggesting that CBD could play a role in the browning of white fat cells. The researchers concluded that CBD may have potential as a promising therapeutic agent for the prevention of obesity. And that’s awesome!

The thing to note about this study, to be fair, is that it was actually a test-tube study, meaning to know for sure human research would be ideal. Still, this study shows us the potential is there.

But that’s not the only study.

Can CBD Boost Your Metabolism?

Some research suggests that CBD may boost metabolism, which could help with weight loss.

One study in particular found that rats injected with CBD daily showed significant reductions in body weight. Additionally, higher doses showed more weight lost.

Now, it’d be easy to take this at face value, but it’s important to note that the CBD was injected (which you’re not going to do), not given by mouth. Also, the study was done on rats, not human participants. No human studies of this type have been completed yet.

Still, again, it does show that there’s definite potential!

Can CBD Make You Gain Weight?

Well, just to throw a wrench in all of this, there is some research that suggests CBD oil may increase your appetite, which obviously isn’t going to lead to weight loss.

In a study of children taking CBD for epilepsy, 30% of parents reported their child’s appetite increased with the CBD usage. One thing to note with this study is that researches noted there may have been other factors at play here.

That said, another review of frequent CBD users found that 6.35% of participants reported increased appetite after using CBD. Not a large number by any means, but there it is.

CBD And Weight Loss: Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, in this case, more research is needed to definitely answer this question. While some studies show us that it can be beneficial for weight loss, others suggest it can increase hunger.

So, is CBD the new diet miracle? No, taking CBD every day is, as far as research shows, not going to mean you can keep eating crap and lounging on the couch. That said, the research does look like it may have the potential to be part of a healthy lifestyle.

For now, if you’re using CBD for your health, don’t stop! There are too many other benefits and based on the research it’s not going to make you pack on the pounds. Still, while you may not make friends with salad, it will probably help you lose weight.