CBD for Rosacea

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CBD For Rosacea

Rosacea affects the millions who live with it deeply, every day. Rosacea is more common among people who are 30- to 50-years-old and fair-skinned. It's slightly more common in women versus men but rosacea can develop at any age, even during childhood. I had a close friend who used to call and just say, “I can’t make it today,” and I would immediately know why. She couldn’t face the world when her face was so red and swollen. She felt like everyone was staring at her — and, you know, sometimes people were.

Taking CBD for Rosacea is pretty common, as there’s no real cure for this chronic illness. Luckily, CBD and skin care go hand in hand.

Tips From Customers For Controlling Their Rosacea

Beyond medical therapy prescribed by a doctor, a vast array of additional do it yourself measures have been discovered by people to help control their condition and the latest is topical CBD.

Persistent redness and thickening skin are the most telltale signs of rosacea — and both are also signs of inflammation.

So, why might CBD help rosacea? The main reason is inflammation and system-wide stasis. Your goal is to minimize inflammation using a variety of methods while not harming your body. If left untreated Rosacea can get worse. So you have had plenty of steroid injections and topical treatments that can eventually affect your kidneys. What should you do now?

The main thing you need to do is reduce inflammation and CBD just happens to have many beneficial pharmacological effects such as reducing migration and adhesion of immune cells. In other words CBD keeps the inflammation more localized.

In your body, you have a system called the endocannabinoid system. It runs throughout your entire body – from the brain through your nervous system and all throughout your major organs. In this system are various receptors, and when you introduce CBD, it interacts to bring about some type of change.

For example, looking specifically at CBD for inflammation, you will find a reduction of oxidative stress and inflammation, channels which affect cellular inflammatory responses.

What is CBD Skincare Creams and how can they help rosacea?

Our Derma Bloom Skincare Cream contains a 3% DMAE formulation to help extend cell life and rejuvenate tired skin cells. It offers serious antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits, which is beneficial in treating skin concerns caused by inflammation, dryness and free radical damage.
Derma Bloom also contains Green Tea Extract which is good for your skin both consumed orally and/or applied topically. It also contains Aloe Vera for its anti-inflammatory effects and extreme moisturizing of dryness and elimination of irritation.