What is Full Spectrum CBD and What is Broad Spectrum CBD?

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Broad Spectrum or Full Spectrum CBD

Full Spectrum

  • Contains up to 0.3% THC per gram of extract
  • It can contain anywhere from 10mg of THC to upwards of 100mg or even higher levels of THC in a bottle of tincture, depending on the amount of extract used
  • It can, surprisingly, get you a little high if you consume a lot.

Broad Spectrum

  • It contains Non-Detectable levels of THC or also known as “THC Free.”
  • Absolutely no way of feeling any psychoactive “high” feeling
  • THC traces will not show up on drug tests
  • It is not made with CBD Isolate.

Full Spectrum & Broad Spectrum extracts point out that they should contain other cannabinoids, terpenes, & flavonoids, which is difficult for many companies since purifying the extract forces them to use high temperatures to remove the unnecessary compounds, which then burns off terpenes & flavonoids.