Wholesale BNY Cosmetics Makeup and Skincare

Boost Your Business with BNY Infuse Botanicals Hemp Seed Products

Consumers everywhere are clamoring for CBD, and Infuse Botanicals is one of the biggest names in the business. With numerous social media influencers and responsive feedback from everyday CBD users, we’ve built a brand that will give you the best opportunity to push your sales to the next level.

All of our wholesale products are made in the USA

The products that we wholesale are the following 21 Hemp Seed Oil  Infuse Botanicals products by BNY Cosmetics:

and, Bren New York Products

Cleansers & Toners



Special Treatments

Wholesale Makeup

 Opening orders are $200 and reorders are $100.  We will need to have a retail / business sales tax form on file.  For help, please contact us at wholesale@make-upusa.com