Forever Young Serum with 500 mg CBD

Infuse Botanicals

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BNY Infuse Botanicals Anti-Aging Forever Young Serum is loaded with super anti-oxidants that work to neutralize certain free radicals while improving fine lines and wrinkles. Skin nuturing ingredients like Aloe, Hyaluronic Acid, Idebenone, L-Arginine will deeply penetrate the skin to improve the look and texture of sun damaged skin and visibly reduce skin redness, age spots and minor scars.

This serum, with broad spectrum THC Free CBD oil, is fomulated to reduce signs of aging, firm skin and strengthen collagen to create a healthier appearance.  

A facial CBD serum such as Forever Young would be an excellent choice for getting CBD benefits. For shorter-term relief, or if you want to gradually incorporate CBD into your skincare, then you should try CBD cleanser.